Year: 2021

OZE Energia odnawialna, Farmy Wiatrowe Elmont
Wind farms

Another 14 MW from wind

At the order of a foreign RES investor, Elmont will build wind farms in the BoP formula. The contract covers the comprehensive execution of road infrastructure, maneuvering

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Elmont Grupa – Farmy Wiatrowe
Wind farms

GPO WN/SN for a Wind Farm

Enspro design studio is preparing a project of the power station for a wind farm in the Świętokrzyskie voivodeship. As a part of the planned infrastructure,

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Elmont Grupa – Farmy Fotowoltaiczne, Farmy Wiatrowe
Photovoltaic farms

10 MWp PV farm

Elmont Grupa will implement another RES project for one of the largest Investors in our country. Taking into account the existing cooperation and professional service provided

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