Substation 220/110kV GPZ Abramowice

Elmont Grupa – Infrastruktura Energetyczna

Elmont Grupa will design and build a new 110 kV switch station in GIS technology, replacing the currently working and worn-out switch station in AIS technology. The scope of work includes preparing a building design, execution designs, and construction with all procurements, including a new indoor two-system 18-bay switchgear in GIS 110 kV technology. As part of the contract, we will also implement a 110 kV cable line with a total length of over 8 km, all secondary circuits, including Substation Control System (SCS), telecommunications, protection automation system (PAS), technical protection systems (TPS), etc.

The Abramowice station is a 220/110 kV substation shared between PSE S.A. and PGE Dystrybucja S.A. The investment concerns the part belonging to PGE Dystrybucja S.A. However, because the stations are shared, Elmont will also do some works in the technical infrastructure of PSE S.A. The deadline for putting the new switch station into use is the end of June 2023. The value of the signed contract is nearly PLN 57 million. 


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