Experienced contractor of energy infrastructure

We offer the comprehensive implementation of investments in the field of power engineering throughout Poland, from analysis, through design and construction, ending with commissioning and putting into use. Thanks to the comprehensiveness of the offer, we want to provide you with time saving and maximum comfort of work.

Scope of works:

  • drawing up the construction and executive documentation,
  • obtaining all necessary permits,
  • modernization / construction of GPZ station,
  • construction of GPO subscriber stations,
  • construction of cable lines in LV, HV, MV, LV voltages,
  • commissioning of HV and MV switchgears,
  • installation and commissioning of telecontrol and telemechanics systems for the purposes of automation and security, as well as the SCADA system,
  • delivery and commissioning of SSWiN, KD and CCTV installations along with adjustment of internet connections,
  • construction of fibre optic networks,
  • assembly of electrical and lighting installations,
  • activities related to the acceptance and launch of investments,
  • development of as-built documentation with geodetic inventory as well as traffic and operating instructions with arrangements with the network operator,
  • obtaining a use permit,
  • 24/7 service throughout the country with a guarantee of quick response thanks to remote analytics and monitoring systems.

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