Traction substation 110kV Czachówek is already operational

Elmont Grupa – Infrastruktura Energetyczna

The Elmont designed and built the Czachówek traction substation.

The investment included multi-discipline works, in particular power engineering. The following elements were made: building structure, reinforced concrete structures, steel structures, heating, ventilation, internal and external water and sewage installations, roads, squares, sidewalks and fencing of the area. The facility’s technological equipment included rectifier units, 15kV AC switchgear, 3kV DC switchgear, negative cell, TCK device, EZZ, auxiliary transformer, MV network neutral point earthing unit, reactive power compensation choke, 230/400V AC auxiliary switchgear, 220V DC, LV electrical installations, alarm installations, SAP, CCTV, grounding and lightning protection installations, communication system inside the substation, switchgear for auxiliaries. As part of the 110kV technological equipment, foundations, structures for apparatus cables and wires, accessories, insulation, lightning protection and earthing installations were made and installed. Secondary circuits were also made and launched.

As part of communication, the facility of traction substation Czachówek and Main Source of Suply Góra Kalwaria has been equipped with communication cabinets connected to each other via the CANBUS, additionally fiber optic connections have been made. A 110 kV HV cable line was built to supply the facility. The work was carried out in accordance with the contract. It is one of many investments of this type carried out by the Elmont Group companies for the needs of the modernized traction network of PKP throughout the country. We are currently working on several twin facilities.

Elmont Grupa – Infrastruktura Energetyczna
Elmont Grupa – Infrastruktura Energetyczna
Elmont Grupa – Infrastruktura Energetyczna
Elmont Grupa – Infrastruktura Energetyczna


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