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Elmont Group is one of the most dynamically developing companies in the field of renewable energy sources (RES) and the energy sector in Poland. Our offer also includes services in the field of comprehensive service, management and support of renewable energy and energy infrastructure. Thanks to qualified engineering team and the use of the latest technologies, we are able to guarantee our customers the highest quality of services.


Our company’s mission is to ensure access to clean energy for future generations. We want to achieve this by building sustainable, ecological and efficient wind farms. Our services include the design, construction, delivery and maintenance of technologically advanced wind farms. We use the latest technologies and use the knowledge of experts. We want our wind farms to become part of ecological solutions that will provide clean energy for future generations.


We build photovoltaic farms, which are one of the most effective and clean energy sources. We promote clean and safe energy sources, which is why the number of photovoltaic power plants we build is constantly increasing and they are more and more powerful.


We offer comprehensive implementation of investments in the field of power engineering. From analysis, through design and construction, to commissioning.


Thanks to our work, optimal and reliable HV, MV and LV electricity distribution systems are created for the needs of power supply and operation of Industrial Plants of well-known brands, like us – experts in their field, at home and abroad

Proven benefits of cooperation with the Elmont Group

Elmont Grupa - projektowanie, wykonawstwo, serwis - oferta

Guarantee of investment security

We are a stable and experienced partner. Over 25 years of experience in the power industry, qualified staff and a strong financial position of the Group guarantee the security of investment.

Elmont Grupa - projektowanie, wykonawstwo, serwis - oferta

The best specialists in the field of renewable energy investments

We specialize in renewable energy sources (RES). As one of the few, we build renewable energy from the very beginning of the development of this industry in Poland, thanks to which we have unique experience and specialized know-how. We are a guarantee of timely transmission of produced energy to the grid.

Elmont Grupa - projektowanie, wykonawstwo, serwis - oferta

Innovative solutions

Our staffs combine experience with passion for new technologies, in particular in the field of renewable energy. We cooperate with the academic community and belong to clusters, associations and industry chambers. We offer our clients the most modern technological solutions. This means that your investment will be more effective, less disruptive and will pay for itself faster in the long run.

Elmont Grupa - projektowanie, wykonawstwo, serwis - oferta

Comprehensive “turnkey” implementation

We offer the comprehensive implementation of renewable energy investments. It includes analysis, design, construction (including the delivery of turbines for wind farms) and 24/7 service throughout the country with a guarantee of quick response. We carry out investments depending on the client’s concept, as EPC, EPC-M, BOP contracts. Thanks to this, you will save valuable time and your work will be more comfortable.

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