Construction of electrical power infrastructure for industrial plants

We comprehensively implement projects in the field of electricity, among others, in the wood, food (dairy, confectionery, grain, spirits, brewing) and chemical industries, both in Poland and abroad.

Scope of works:

obtaining all necessary permits,
• modernization / construction of LV, WN, MV, LV cable lines and connection to the network,

• commissioning of HV and MV switchgears,
• installation and commissioning of  telecontrol and telemechanics systems for the purposes of automation and security, as well as the SCADA system,
• delivery and commissioning of SSWiN, KD and CCTV installations along with a set of internet connections,
• construction of fibre optic networks,
• electrical installations for powering automation, air conditioning devices and a heat substation,
• modernization / construction of GPZ station,
• assembly of electrical and lighting installations,
• activities related to the acceptance and commissioning of installations,
• 24/7 service throughout the country with a guarantee of quick response thanks to remote analytics and monitoring systems.

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