Elektromontaż Wschód

From 11-th of March 2022, we cut the name & shorten the montage !

Elektromontaż Wschód, the largest company in the Elmont Group, has been operating on the Polish market for almost 30 years. It is inextricably linked with the history of the energy industry in Poland. Elektromontaż took part in the construction of the most famous and key facilities for the Polish economy and industry. It is well known and recognizable among industry investors, in the environment of electrical engineers and electricians.

Elektromontaż Wschód is a dynamic company, constantly developing and boldly looking into the future. Thanks to the strength of the Elmont Group, based on the experience gathered over the years, we are constantly expanding our capabilities and knowledge. We are innovative, it is important for us to improve our competences and provide comprehensive customer service. We possess our own specialist equipment and we can carry out several dozen projects at the same time. We have a strong position in the power industry on the domestic market. We provide our services wherever our clients are. We have complited contracts in such countries as: Germany, Denmark, Norway, France, Great Britain, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Romania and Canada. Today Elektromontaż Wschód is a general contractor of wind farms and photovoltaic farms, with hundreds of MW, substations and kilometers of HV cable lines.

Striving for continuous improvement, we believe that “less is more”. We focus on transparency and speed in every aspect of our business, we do not complicate or charm. This applies to cooperation with clients, implementation of investments, procedures applicable in the Group and structure of the Group. Therefore, from March 2022, the company, which is a symbol in the energy industry, will be called Elmont. The new name combines historical experience with the green future of energy. It emphasizes the membership to the Elmont Grupa’s capital group, of which it is a pillar.


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