Wind Farm Banie III and IV 137.4 MW

Elmont Grupa – Farmy Wiatrowe

The Elmont Group continues the implementation of subsequent stages of the Banie Wind Farm with a total capacity of 137.4 MW (stage III – 81.4 MW; stage IV – 56 MW). Currently, we are implementing the infrastructure of the Banie IV Wind Farm for the needs of 16 wind turbines, each with a capacity of 3.5 MW.

As a reminder, in the earlier stages, Elmont Group completed the entire high-voltage infrastructure, including: expansion of the 220/110 substation at all voltage levels, with the construction of reactive power compensation systems and the construction of a 110/33 kV station with a full range of reactive power regulation, to which we are connecting currently 81.4 MW from stage III. Our Group has also built a 110 kV cable line connecting the two stations mentioned above.

For stage IV, Elmont Group has already started the development of detailed designs, construction of the entire infrastructure (including foundations for the installation of wind turbines) and construction of the farm road infrastructure and the entire 33 kV cable network with over 35 km of total length.

In addition, Elmont Group will deal with the construction of access roads for the purpose of delivering wind turbines to the installation site, and will construct permanent and temporary assembly sites, as well as prepare construction facilities for the supplier of wind turbines. Acting comprehensively, our Group will also provide the Investor flow analyzes, will launch the farm in accordance with the NC DC and NC RfG network codes and will implement all occupancy permit procedures, including for power generation modules (EON, ION, FON) or arrangements with the national transmission system operator (PSE S.A.), to which Elmont Group will connect the infrastructure with nearly 137.5 MW of total generated power.


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