The 60 MW Zagórzyca PV farm is officially open

Farma fotowoltaiczna Zagórzyca Elmont Grupa

On June 23, in Zagórzyca, near Słupsk, a photovoltaic farm was officially launched. The investor is Wento, a company belong to the Norwegian group Equinor. The general contractor was Elmont. It took almost a year to complete the construction works, over 500 people were involved in the construction.

The 60 MW photovoltaic farm was built on an area of 55 ha. It consists of over 110,000 photovoltaic panels made in monocrystalline technology. The scope of the investment also included the construction of the HV/MV Main Source of Supply (GPO) Zagórzyca with an overhead 110kV switchgear. Over 600 km of cables were laid on the farm and over 49,000 legs of supporting structures were installed. The facility was connected to the network using a 6 km long high-voltage cable line. The photovoltaic farm in Zagórzyca is to produce 61 GWh of energy per year for the next 30 years, which corresponds to the consumption of 31 thousand households.

We are glad that more and more domestic companies, similar to ours, are involved in building a sustainable energy sector of tomorrow and can benefit from the boom in the photovoltaic industry in Poland.

The opening of one of the largest photovoltaic farms in northern Poland is a significant step towards achieving the goal of using energy from renewable sources. The photovoltaic industry in Poland has a significant development potential and can contribute to improving the quality of life in our country, and also minimizes adverse climate changes. The completed photovoltaic farm in Zagórzyca is an example of the beneficial impact of business on the environment and shows that nowadays economic development and environmental protection can and should work simultaneously.

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