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Commissioned by ENEA Operator sp. z o.o., Elmont built a Smart Power Grid in Szczecin, Gryfino district and Świnoujście.

The investment included the modernization and reconstruction of MV substations, cable lines, MV/LV stations and the use of FDIR automation in them, allowing for quick detection of short circuits and elimination of the damaged section, as well as switching to maintain power to the grid.

As part of the project, complete design documentation was prepared, including all formal and legal aspects. The following facilities were also rebuilt:

-RS Cedynia,

-RS Piastowska in Świnoujście,

-three main MV switching stations in Szczecin, i.e. RS TV Centrum, RS Krzysztofa and RS Storrady,

A new RS Banie facility was also built and auxiliary stations in the Międzyzdroje substation were modernized.

The investment also covered the reconstruction and modernization of line strings in the areas of RD Stargard, RD Międzyzdroje and RD Szczecin, where MV/LV stations were modernized by replacing MV switchgears equipped with protection automatics and remote control, new MV cable lines were built and pole stands were replaced.

Due to the use of modern switchgear, as well as the implementation of a communication system between devices and with superior units in the highest standard today, this project is an extremely important and very interesting undertaking both for the Investor – ENEA Operator sp. z o.o. Szczecin Distribution Branch and Elmont Group.

In addition to electrical power works, the scope of the Investment included the preparation of a complete infrastructure for the operation of individual stations. As part of the implementation, 11 tests of the FDIR protection automation were carried out (performance of short-circuit tests in overhead and cable lines, along with editing in the Enea Operator master system), which covered the entire area of the Investment.

The total duration of the task was 44 months.


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