Lubanowo 11.86 MW photovoltaic farm is already working

Farma fotowoltaiczna Lubanowo

Elmont is finishing the construction of a photovoltaic farm in Lubanowo, in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. The investor is Energix.

The scope of this project included:

  • assembly on supporting structures of 25,776 photovoltaic panels with a total capacity of 11.86 MW,
  • construction of 3 container transformer stations with a central inverter,
  • construction of the MV cable connection with the MV switchgear, together with telemechanics systems as well as vision and sensory supervision of the power plant,
  • low voltage cable lines (AC and DC);
  • MV cable lines with fiber optic ducting,
  • construction of the remaining technical infrastructure, such as: internal roads, fencing and a system of technical and video security.

The main objective of the investment was to install a set of technical infrastructure devices that use solar radiation to produce electricity. Electricity generated “from the sun” can be used to power electrical devices, provided that devices are used that convert direct voltage generated by photovoltaic panels into alternating voltage, which can be effectively used to power electrical devices for common use. The conversion from direct voltage to alternating voltage takes place with the use of power electronic converters (inverters).

In this investment, we used First Solar Series 6 Plus TSM-DEG19C.20 modules with a power of 460 Wp eachThe installation contains a total of 25,776 modules arranged on tables in a vertical arrangement on supporting structures: 3×18, 3×12 and 3×6. The photovoltaic modules were connected with factory-made cables into sets of 6 series-connected elements, creating one chain ( so-called string). Each single string connected in parallel with other strings (from 6 to 9 strings connected in parallel) forms a set of strings ( so-called super string). The super strings were introduced with copper DC solar cables with a cross-section of 6mm2 to PV junction boxes (so-called DC Boxes). Up to 12 super strings were introduced to each DC Box. Aluminum power cables with a cross-section of 150 mm2 from DC Boxes were introduced to the inputs of central inverters (18 pcs. for each inverter). In central inverters, the direct voltage generated in the photovoltaic panels is converted into alternating voltage (50 Hz). The designed farm uses 3 Sunny Central SC 4000 UP inverters with a capacity of 4000 kVA each.

In this way, a power cable was obtained for a power plant connected to a DC power line with a switchgear not only in the inverters, but also a LV/MV transformer, MV switchgear and a transformer with the necessary switchgear. Through the MV 33 kV cable connection, the energy produced by the photovoltaic panels is transferred to the so-called Collection point – GPO, from where it is sent to the operator’s network.

The Lubanowo photovoltaic farm is an investment that was built with respect for the natural environment. The fence around the farm has been raised high enough to allow the animals to move freely and not to disturb their natural migration routes.

The construction of a photovoltaic farm in Lubanowo is just one of many steps taken by our company to contribute to the global energy transformation. Thanks to another RES investment, we will be able to meet the growing demand for energy in a clean and sustainable way.



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