The next stage of the Banie Wind Farm is officially open!

Farma Wiatrowa Banie - otwarcie- Elmont

On May 31, we celebrated the completion of construction and the opening one of the largest wind farm in Poland.

The farm with a total capacity of 137.4 MW (stage III – 81.4 MW; stage IV – 56 MW) is located in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, in the Banie.

The construction of the farm was carried out for Energix Polska. As part of this investment, we built the Banie power station (GPO), expanded the Nowe Czarnowo Main Sorce of Supply and built a 110 kV HV cable line connecting both facilities in order to carry out the power of the Banie III and Banie IV Wind Farms and the Lubanowo PV Farm.

The construction works took about 9 months, during which we installed a 220/110/30 kV 120MVA transformer in the Nowe Czarnowo substation along with the 110 and 220 kV overhead switchgear bays. The scope of the investment also included the construction of the HV/MV power station (GPO) Banie, equipped with an overhead 110kV switchgear, along with 110/33kV transformers with a capacity of 86 and 68 MVA and accompanying infrastructure.

The power station (GPO) Banie facility was connected to the Nowe Czarnowo Main Source of Supply using a nearly 14 km long high-voltage cable line. Formal and legal procedures were successfully completed and the ION and EON permits for energy production were obtained.


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