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OZE Energia odnawialna, Farmy Wiatrowe Elmont Grupa

Enea once again trusted the Elmont Group and entrusted us with the construction of a photovoltaic farm with a total capacity of 5MW. Over 6,200 panels will be located on an area of over 6 ha.

It is worth noting that this is not a typical solar farm. Its uniqueness lies in the construction we used. For the first time, we did not use steel, but new products on the market, i.e. prestressed concrete posts. Elmont Grupa always tries to implement innovative solutions. The aforementioned prestressed concrete structure is one of them.

It is an innovative solution that allows the investor to reduce the cost by up to 30% without losing the strength and durability of the structure! Guaranteed durability is 30 years.


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OZE energia odnawialna, energetyka Elmont Grupa
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