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The construction Science Centre of the Epi-Centrum in Białystok has already been officially completed. On Saturday, August 29, the city mayor Tadeusz Truskolaski opened the first such a large research centre in eastern Poland.

Power, electrical and teletechnical installations at the Young Master and Explorer Laboratory in Białystok – because that was the original name of Epi-Science Center in Białystok, were made by Elektromontaż Wschód. The centre was built at the Municipal Stadium in Białystok

This is where the wave of creativity flows, and learning meets fun. Little explorers of the world will stay in one of two separate zones, where the first – the Little Explorers’ Zone is a colourful educational space with an area of almost 600 square meters. The zone is intended for children aged 3-10.

The Main Exhibition, which is the second zone, is a universal cognitive space in which everyone will find something for themselves. There is no age limit, and the area covers 2,670 square meters. We will find there nearly 100 experimental stands and several thematic areas. The fields that we will be able to find there include: optics, transport, telecommunications, medicine, automation, mechanics, robotics and many others. The visitors will be able to experiment, learn while having fun and experience physical phenomena first-hand. All young and old will be assisted by Zmysłek and Majka Pytajka, who will show you around all the stands and tell you how to use them.

The detailed scope of works performed by Elektromontaż Wschód are:

  • execution of energy and electrical installations,
  • performing of SSWiN installation,
  • execution of CCTV installation,
  • performing the installation of an anti-theft system,
  • implementation of the sound system,
  • installation of access control,
  • performing the image transfer installation,
  • implementation of a ticketing system and access gates,
  • implementation of the BMS system,
  • implementation of the WIFI network,
  • implementation of installation of structured cabling,
  • implementation of a telephone subscriber exchange.

The Epi-Science Center is to encourage people to learn more about the laws of physics that rule the world, and to arouse interest in exact, technical and natural sciences. The laboratory classes will be conducted with the use of modern technologies, they will also support educational programs carried out by kindergartens and schools.


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