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As a general contractor of electrical power works, at the direct request of the Investor, we have completed an investment task consisting in the expansion and adaptation of the power system of the plant to work with the company’s cogeneration heat and power plant. Two diesel generating sets of the Caterpillar G3512E type, powered by natural gas, installed in the heat and power plant enable the combined generation of 2000kW of electricity and 2200kW of thermal energy in the form of steam and hot water.

The energy generated in the process of high-efficiency cogeneration is used for the needs of the plant, and an additional benefit for the producer is the possibility of obtaining a certificate of energy origin (the so-called yellow certificate).

Scope of works:

  • delivery and receipt point station, including:
    – medium voltage switchgear, UniSwitch 17.5kV type; 630A; short-circuit current 1-sec 16kA,
    – protection that prevents accidental voltage supply to the PGE Dystrybucja S.A. network,
    – transmitting the mapping states of circuit breakers to the PRINS system,
    – billing measurement.
  • station of boiler room, including:
    – medium voltage switchgear type SafeRing CCVV,
    – 15.75 / 0.42kV transformers with a capacity of 1250kVA,
    – reactive power compensation,
    – ventilation of the transformer chamber,
    – transformer overload signalling,
    – grounding and protection against electric shocks.
  • measurement system, including:
    – billing measurement at the terminals of G1 and G2 generators.
  • cable laying, including:
    – laying MV cables, type 3x XRUHAKXS 1x120mm2
    – laying LV cables,
    – cable ducting.
  • protection against electric shock,
  • surge protection.


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