Rebuilding of the HV / MV station in Czarna Białostocka

Elmont Grupa – Infrastruktura Energetyczna

Elektromontaż Wschód has rebuilt the 110/6 kV station in Czarna Białostocka.

The scope of works included:

  • the demolition of existing buildings, structures and equipment in accordance with technical documentation and demolition permit,
  • the construction and assembly works in accordance with technical documentation and building permit,
  • the assembly and commissioning of all devices provided for in the project,
  • the execution of a complete station telemechanics system in accordance with technical documentation, including the delivery of materials and devices and all related configuration and commissioning works,
  • entering the settings into the built-in devices and carrying out the commissioning checks of all equipped switchgear bays in accordance with the approved commissioning program and their confirmation with protocols,
  • performing tests and functional tests of the entire telemechanics system, including communication with the local and central BTC PRINS dispatcher supervision system and in the engineering supervision channel,
  • the development of as-built documentation,
  • the development and approval of the Station Operation Manual by the Operator.


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