Group pillar, which is formed by a team off engineers distinguished by expert knowledge and experience in energy industry. Qualified team of managers and brigades ensures professional and timely execution of each investment while maintaining the highest quality and health and safety standards. We have completed dozen of investments in the field of renewable energy sources with a total capacity of over 1100 MW.

We built wind farms in the formula of the General Contractor of the entire investment and the energy range for wind farms with divided industry scopes, including GPO, HV and MV cable lines, transformer stations. We have designed and built photovoltaic farms with a full supply of equipment and farms with investor supplies. We have also completed several dozen industrial investments in the field of construction of power infrastructure for new factories and modernization of already operating plants.

Elmont is the implementation of facilities and infrastructure in the following areas:

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Renewable Energy Sources

OZE Energia odnawialna, Farmy Wiatrowe, Farmy Fotowoltaiczne, Infrastruktura Energetyczna, Elmont Grupa

Professional Energy


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