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As the Elmont Group, we particularly value projects that improve the quality of life of the local community!

For this reason, we are pleased to announce that we have added our contribution to a large project carried out by Wodociągi Białystok. The first task for our company was the construction of the Third Pulsator at the Pietrasze Water Treatment Plant. During water treatment, the stage of passing it through the pulsator follows initial ozonation.

The use of a pulsator increases the efficiency and effectiveness of coagulation – the technological process of water treatment. It is worth to mention that this project won the first place and the Golden Statuette in the prestigious competition “CONSTRUCTION OF THE YEAR 2019-2020 IN THE NORTH-EAST REGION“.

The construction of the Pulsator did not end our cooperation with Białystok Wodociągi, we entered the investor’s premises once again, this time to carry out the construction of a photovoltaic power plant with a total capacity of 1 MWp. This is not a typical investment, because the structures with panels have been installed above active clean water tanks, from which the water goes to our taps! Special weighting beams were made above the tanks, on which the structure for the panels was erected.

The works were carried out under the strict supervision of the Waterworks services to make sure that the tanks were not damaged and the water was not contaminated.

Everything went well and the “sunny” water flows from our taps.


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