New Photovoltaic Farm for PGNiG

Elmont Grupa – Farmy Fotowoltaiczne

Elektromontaż Wschód on the order of PGNIG TERMIKA S.A. will build a photovoltaic farm with a capacity of 1 MWp in the Kawęczyn Heating Plant in Warsaw.

The entire project consists in comprehensive investment service: from the development of design documentation, through the delivery and assembly of photovoltaic panels with all the necessary elements and a transformer station, to commissioning and obtaining an operating permit. In addition, we will launch a management system enabling comprehensive supervision over a photovoltaic farm, train staff, and provide the necessary acceptance and operating documentation. The service will be provided by Elserwis – the service company of the Elmont Group.



Elmont Grupa – Inwestycje przemysłowe


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