Modernization of the Main Supply Point Stargard

Elmont Grupa – Infrastruktura Energetyczna

On behalf of Enea, Elektromontaż Wschód, as the general contractor, deals with the modernization of the Stargrad Main Supply Point station.

The scope of work includes:

  • the disassembly and construction of the new Morzyczyn-Kluczewo power line input,
  • the disassembly and construction of a new Morzyczyn I power line input,
  • checking and commissioning of the Morzyczyn-Kluczewo, Morzyczyn I bays,
  • the disassembly of the old stand and TR2 bay,
  • the installation of new TR2 bay,
  • voltage supply to the TR2 bay,
  • the construction works in the building,
  • the installation of lightning protection and grounding,
  • sanitary installation,
  • voltage supply to the newly built power line inputs: Morzyczyn-Kluczewo, PKP No. 2, Morzyczyn I and the transformer bay TR 2,
  • construction works in the control room building,
  • telemechanics,
  • external lighting,
  • Technical Protection System.
Elmont Grupa – Infrastruktura Energetyczna
Elmont Grupa – Infrastruktura Energetyczna


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Enea Smart Grid - Elmont - infrastruktura energetyczna
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Commissioned by ENEA Operator sp. z o.o., Elmont built a Smart Power Grid in Szczecin, Gryfino district and Świnoujście. The investment included the modernization and

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