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Elektromontaż Wschód has completed a comprehensive modernization of the 110/15 kV GPZ station in Stoczek Łukowski.

The scope of work included:

  • earthworks,
  • architectural and construction part,
  • structural part,
  • water supply and sewage connections,
  • electrical installations in the building,
  • sanitary installations
  • primary circuits 110 / 15kV,
  • energy measurement,
  • 110 kV secondary circuits,
  • 15 kV secondary circuits
  • telemechanics,
  • communication,
  • own needs,
  • supervision system,
  • 15 kV linear output,
  • development and approval of the Station Operation Manual at the Operator,
  • tests and commissioning,
  • as-built documentation.


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