1MW photovoltaic farm

Elmont Grupa – Farmy Fotowoltaiczne

In the south of Poland, Elektromontaż Wschód has built a 1MW photovoltaic power plant. The power plant was included in the auction system. The construction was carried out for one of the largest foreign investors in the photovoltaic industry in Poland. It is one of over several hundred similar investments to be implemented in the near future.

The scope of work included the:

  • preparation of replacement construction documentation,
  • preparation of executive documentation,
  • assembly of supporting structures for photovoltaic modules,
  • assembly of modules and connections between panels,
  • execution of DC wiring,
  • execution of AC wiring,
  • execution of teletechnical wiring,
  • installation and commissioning of video monitoring,
  • assembly and commissioning of a transformer station,
  • assembly of the MV connection,
  • assembly of the fence,
  • execution of the grounding system,
  • performance of measurements and start-up.


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