Neue EGGER-Fabrik in Biskupiec

Elmont Grupa – Inwestycje przemysłowe

Elektromontaż Wschód has completed another industrial investment in the chipboard industry, this time for the Egger Company in Biskupiec.

Scope of works:

  • switchgear installations,
  • equipment installation in the control room,
  • installation of cable trays and pipes,
  • installation of covers on trays,
  • assembly and production of tray supports, junction / terminal boxes, etc.,
  • pulling and fastening of cables,
  • connection / termination of cables in electrical cabinets and at devices,
  • cable markings supplied on both ends,
  • laying and connecting the grounding conductor,
  • performing the necessary measurements, such as equipotential bonding tests, insulation tests, etc.,
  • supporting work during I / O checking.

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Im Auftrag von ENEA Operator sp. Z o.o. baute Elmont ein Smart Power Grid in Stettin, im Bezirk Gryfino und in Swinemünde. Die Investition umfasste

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